Tanju Hastunç

     Contemporary Folk Dance Society was founded in 1999. Since the establishment of order to make important contributions to culture and art of the Turkish Cypriot Dance Theatre is committed to doing work in the field.

     Modernization of authentic dances, modern dances taking over and any issues with interpreting body language is the study based on the provision of expression.

Folk dances in the field by the year 1999 Tanju Hastunç's students, established with a successful young group.

 ‘’Our Woman from vilaage to city’’
 ‘’Despite everything, my homeland’’
 ‘’House ’’ Theatre
 ‘’Hasanbulliler Epic’’
 ‘’The Dance of Cyprus’’
 ‘’Shadow of Darkness’’
"Island of Aphrodite and Us"


To create a world-renowned dance group.

All productions on this ambitious target and Tanju Hastunç administrator choreographer reveals the following thoughts.

Belief'' that are important. Route Target. We are so far with limited facilities, illuminating the darkness of these days we could get a little candlelight. But I believe that these tiny islands, many important works by producing a small number of Turks, Cyprus communicate our voice to the world. Because if art can produce, a large number of masses is always right to meet and.


Dance of Cyprus, Formation;

Dance of Cyprus raised its own course instructors, dancers and participants consists of dancers. 3 years 5 years 18 years groups with their trained instructors are taught.

'' Productions those we put on stage, training and learned up to now taught hundreds of children and young people have presented the possibility of exhibiting''


Branches of Dance;

Hip-hop, breakdance, belly dance, modern dance, modern folk dance, the Anatolian local zeybek, sirtaki, Greek butcher games.

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