The Epic of Hasan Bulliler

Since the preparation phase of this project I started a project which became a project which has been very sound. Taking into account the various critical discourses in the previous game, "The Epic of Hasan bullie" project, work has started on the scenario.

First of all, epic presence, throughout history, this event took place between 1882-1895, there konusudur.Buna extant example of the various debates, reading Turkish epic, Hasan bullie, three brothers and uncles are prefect as a deity. In the Greek epic, and the prefect in various parts of the three brothers as a bandit emphasized.

After Hasan bullie stage epic scenario, the time is coming to the stage of work, professional conduct of studies, and dance theater in the best way to execute the application, I found a good accordance with the theater director to work with me. Names on the thinking, the best of the name "Kemal Tun" I decided that. Costume designer, as always "Sadiye Destur" was the name indispensable. If the music "Tahsin Oygar" and "Hseyin Saltan" pairs in conjunction with a wide range of music band was formed.

After a full two-year study (1999-2001), the game was released. Another important point in the game, placing back into the game, the role of the mother "Semra Yeltekin" di, I think. View RSS role in the game from time to time by entering the game with the words, theatrical presentations, the audience is nitelite enlightening, and was to live in the intensity of emotion, I think. In addition, during the two-hour game, the game can connect to the periods and dates, by placing a server in between episodes, episodic details, and I think the game is transferred better connections to each other.

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