Island of Aphrodite and Us

Duration: 90min.

Dance of Cyprus community, as a result of intensive work, as the product of a one-year working, "Aphrodite's Island, and we" production, performing arts and outstanding examples of Cyprus, aimed at providing a unified whole. The targeted audience, the local audience and tourists that visit the country, country, culture and art, is intended to be presented in a different way. Scenario was created, based on selecting a topic, the different colors and the beauty of Cyprus is in harmony with the integration of the scene is hope, and ultimately concluded that goal. "Island of Aphrodite and Us" productions, "APHRODITE" used as a symbol of the island, original music composed and written by Atilla the artist who plays Aphrodite transferred to the audience. On stage, outstanding examples of the Turkish Cypriot folk dances, women's meet, men meet, sickle, cups, iftetelli, eagles, etc. local games, and different values ??repsentations application with a rich figure, presented, with costume designs DESTUR Sadiye revealing a serious work, bringing the local clothes our designs show significant enrichment. Production of Cyprus, which is an important artist of the songs with her own compositions, Umut Albayrak has added a great power. The demonstration offered by semazen, performed according to the beliefs of Rumi, the great philosopher, sema show to take place, each time followed with fascination. As is known, from the date of Rumi has been very strong ties with Cyprus. Related that after the Ottomans conquered the island in 1571 as a culture all over the island spread Mevlevi belief. The most concrete indicator of the Mevlevi tekke today in Nicosia-Kyrenia Gate. The demonstration is an important tradition in the art that the Turkish Cypriot Cultural and Karagoz, Hacivat shadow play, in a lively manner, Andac by theater artists are exhibited. Cyprus, which is under the influence of the eastern culture Throughout history, the Arabian peninsula, and this effect was influenced by oriental culture in harmony with our production scene of Aphrodite, as reflected in the oriental show.

"Island of Aphrodite and Us" brought together many elements of the Turkish Cypriot Art and Culture on behalf of a production. Not surprisingly, as these productions, there is a huge need for a music group. At this point, entered the Nicosia Turkish Municipality orchestra. L.T.B. Mr. orchestra conductor. Can SZER, with the preparatory stages of the game as a result of my interviews, the general music director, who agreed to the game, and LTB orchestra of 27-man squad, the game is to accompany, a film in terms of the future, and on behalf of the next power, to a very large facility and mention that. During all trials and demonstrations, sec. Szer and his team have shown their productions, disciplined harmony, can not pass without specifying.

Another important element of the game design of the decor. His wife had prepared with vast experience, Mr. Riza SEN decor is an important color added to the game. And again an important factor in sound and light. In this respect dear HEY-DAY music director. Its support by sponsoring the bursa can not be ignored YANIK'?n productions.

As a result, "Aphrodite's Island, and we" with the production staff of 80 people and has the distinction of being a huge production. With this team, to organize a total of 7 shows Amphitheater Kyrenia, Salamis Ruins, Ruins of Soli, and a total of over 5000 local audience, the show has a new festival in the Bosphorus. Another objective of the production are the tourists exhibition project, Bellapais Monastery, still continues. Bellapais Monastery, so far targeted demonstrations held on every Tuesday, repeated 10 times, and today, then will continue every Tuesday. In 2011, a total of 22 demonstration performances take place in Bellapais. The average realized with a capacity of 250 spectators, and the demonstrations which will take place, the foreign tourists in 6000 is expected to play. As a result of demonstrations carried out so far, the audience pleased posts reporting to tour operators in their respective countries, it is important due to the satisfaction of tourists, and the future promise of on-production reveals. 2012 season, year-round, "Aphrodite's Island, and we" production, and expanding to provide navigation within the main targets.

Artistic Director and choreographer in productions done, all of which support dancers Dance of Cyprus, an artist who was very valuable, discipline and compliance with all the sympathy of his friends, Umut ALBAYRAK'a, his friend and costume designer who support me all the time DESTUR Sadiye , whirling dervishes, which gives color to the game with Shadow Play typing ANDA Ibrahim and his team, who plays a film in the Aphrodite of the first demonstrations and Fulya Fulya ATIL beloved teacher and an important ally gives this game with Serpil SOLMAZ'a, and always he plays again, Afroditi I believe in the power of the inner world, and again SOYEL Naile Dance of Cyprus, Aphrodite plays UZUNKAYA Naciye valuable teachers and accomplished dancer, sound and light YANIK Hseyin, Riza atmospheres , make-up demonstrations and all the sponsors of the game assumed ngel company, LTB Mr. orchestra conductor. Szer and would like to thank the team.

These productions, giving me strength Contemporary Folk Dances Board of Directors, and in particular, vice president, and never leaving me alone, I did every step of cooperation in solving problems with Havva Dinc, would like to thank heartily.


Outline of the Event:

1. The cine-vision-representation of the history of Cyprus beginning from Mythology lasting up to our age (7:00)

2. Dance Performance for the Birth of Aphrodite (4:12)

The birthplace of Aphrodite, which became the symbol of the island, Cyprus has a multicultural history. The dancer, who acts Aphrodite, performs her blazing dance.

3. Feslikan: (3:15)

A dance with traditional/authentic features accompanied by a Cypriot folk song, which consists of the Mediterranean rhythm, aesthetics and sentiment, is performed.

4. Elleri K?nal? (Girls with Henna on Hands): (3:00)

With lyrics and music by the Cypriot artist Dr. Arif Ali Albayrak, the song Elleri K?nal? is sung by Cypriot artist Umut Albayrak.

5. Dance Performance of Aphrodite in Hammam: (2:30)

6. Belly Dancer in the Island of Aphrodite: (3:10)

Throughout its history, Cyprus has been influenced by the Eastern cultures (the Arabic Countries). Dance has always been present on the island, whose geographical location between the Middle East and the Europe is quite significant. Performance of a dancer acting Aphrodite is shown on the picture.

7. Sickle Dance (A dance within the genre Repetitive-Spectacle): (5:00)

Sickle dance is a kind of dance that tells about villagers harvesting their crop and afterwards dancing with their sickles, which were used while harvesting, to show their special skills.

8. Performance of the Whirling Dervish: (6:00)

The philosophy of mevleviyeh was offered to Cyprus by the Ottomans that immigrated to the island after the year 1571, when Cyprus was taken under by the Ottoman Empire. This performance, intense with the religious sentiments of mevlevis, is acted out by a whirling dervish.

9. Sarho? Zeybe?i (Zeibek of the Drunkard, one of our dances within the genre of zeibek): (4:00)

A very significant one among the performances in Cyprus. Through the dance, which is presented with a contemporary approach and an authentic music, the story of a man and a woman who are in love with each other, and their struggle to get together are offered to the viewer.

10. 15 Minutes Break

11. Cypriot Weddings: (8:00)

As a very significant part of the Cypriot culture, the wedding is performed. Within the representation of the tradition of weddings, the dance community Dance of Cyprus, accompanied by an outstanding orchestra,

Within the representation of the tradition of weddings, the dance community Dance of Cyprus, accompanied by an outstanding orchestra, acts several performances following the contemporary styles with no harm to the authentic music and figures.
- A tradition applied before the wedding, K?na Yakma (Applying Henna) is performed as follows:
Accompanied by others with candles, the bride receives henna while the groom has the groom-shaving. While the men and women enjoy the event, the dowry is opened up, quilts are covered, the guests are offered cakes, halloumi and dried fruits, and the entertainment goes on till the morning.
Dances to be performed:
a. Susta (One of the dances within the genre Kasap): (3:20)
Dancers perform it shoulder to shoulder in four-cycle. With the music gradually speeding up and the dance is performed.
b. K?na Sirtosu (Henna Sirto, a dance within the genre Sirto): (3:00)
A dance performed by two men face to face, saluting one another with a handkerchief is performed.
c. Greetings by Women 1, 2, and 3 (A dance within the genre Greeting): (4:50)
A traditional Cypriot dance, performed generally by man, in which stamps and squats are highly common with a greatly aesthetic structure, is offered to the viewer.
e. Sultan?m (My Sultan): (4:50)
With lyrics and music by the Cypriot artist Dr. Arif Ali Albayrak, the song Sultan?m is sung by Cypriot artist Umut Albayrak.
One of the traditional Cypriot dances, in which elegance is fore grounded and women, whose hand figures reflect the handcrafts (such as embroidering), dance in perfect harmony with respect to hands and feet.
d. Greetings by Men 1, 2, and 3 (A dance within the genre Greeting): (5:10)
e. Sultan?m (My Sultan): (4:50)
With lyrics and music by the Cypriot artist Dr. Arif Ali Albayrak, the song Sultan?m is sung by Cypriot artist Umut Albayrak.
f. Eagle Dance (A dance within the genre Repetitive-Spectacle): (5:00)
It is a dance telling about the struggle of an eagle, who lives on the mountains of Cyprus, with his prey and finally catching it.
g. Akdenizin Gzel K?z? (The Elegant Mediterranean Girl): (3:50)
With lyrics by the Cypriot artist Dr. Arif Albayrak and music by Faik Sudgeddinov, the song Akdenizin Gzel K?z? is sung by Umut Albayrak with its due Mediterranean rhythm, aesthetics and sentiment. It is accompanied by the impressive performance of the dance community.
h. iftetelli and Arabiye (Dances within the genre Free-Style): (2:40)
These performances, in which the dancers move with individual and independent figures through oriental manners, are presented.
i. Bardak Oyunu (Glass Dance, a dance within the genre Repetitive-Spectacle): (8:30)
Performed by dancers, who struggle to carry the glasses highest in number, competing with each other.
j. Kozan (A dance within the genre Sirto): (4:00)
It is performed in traditional Cypriot weddings as a dance both to greet the bride and the groom and to end the wedding. Girls dance individual figures with the pots in their hands; the one carrying it the latest breaks the pot; children collect the coins spreading out of the pot with great cheerfulness; and the married couple are wished as many children as the number of the debris of
the broken pot. Finally the last dance of the Cypriot wedding, Kozan, is performed.

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