Shadow of Darkness

"Dance of Cyprus" with the community, which started in 2007, representation of "The Shadow of Darkness", a work of different sizes, be a move.

A scenario is considered as a social responsibility project, and using a universal language in the field of performing arts, humanity, is intended to hold a light to youth. Scenario, the use of the power of dance theater, considered the most effective manner. Different parts of the dance consists of the characters and the characters used in the game dance.

When choosing the subject of the game, much in mind, I would say that we have reached a point. Topic selection should be a universal. In the light of these considerations, I have determined with a circle of close friends, the subject, is the sense of the struggle against drugs, I made a decision in the direction. I started doing research work on the subject scenario.Because the game is targeting to have an international dimension, in Ankara, Turkey-wide meetings with organizations in the R Agency, along with the scenario given its final shape. One of, land taken from the game with the achievements in the field of music do Atilla was known. We reached an agreement on this subject by contacting Mr. Atilla, Atilla and the game took on music production.

"Shadow of Darkness" decor work, light work, costume works were conducted with great care. The result is a perfect scenario, an excellent music and an excellent presentation targeted. Game 7 episodes, 75 minutes and finished with a staff of 23-30 people were in front of the audience.

"Shadow of Darkness" dance theater, the world of drugs, considering the original is a work in itself. Dance as a species; Hip-Hop, modern dance is based on. What is important is the use of a single word, a young girl stuck drug addiction, and I arrived at the end, the line between life and death, in accordance with their beliefs to fruition, thanks to the belief in Allah, to give to society again. In reaching this conclusion, the young girl passed the stages, step by step adapted to the stage reached by the liberation of the last and sad. The scenario within the game is played, but due to technical and financial impossibilities, I can not adjust it mention that important detail. With the completion of these deficiencies, "Shadow of Darkness" I believe the game would be perfect. From a 2007 entry, creating a large play area of ??interest, the best audience reach within the borders of our country, and has reached the point where, I believe. However, the fact that even mention the need to adopt. This game be shown in schools, organized youth education campaigns in this area, the area proposed as the vehicle must be removed.

"Shadow of Darkness" game the international level, of every nation, every young person can watch a production level. Will continue to work in this area.

Identification Tag of "Shadow of Darkness";

Scenerio:Tanju HASTUN, Hasan KARAOKU, Ramazan ARMAN
General Art Director: Tanju HASTUN
Adviser General Art Director : Edip GVEN
Musics: Can AT?LLA
Stage Decoration: Tanju HASTUN, Ramazan ARMAN
Lighting: Dance of Cyprus
Narcotic Advisers: Hasan KARAOKU, Zafer ERCAN
Trainers: Doruk HASTUN, Naciye UZUNKAYA, Ogn A?AAYAK, Ergn ARIK
Sacrificial Princess: Naciye UZUNKAYA
Mother: Emine YCETA?
Mafia Father: Burak DEN?Z
Lover: Ergn ARIK
Dancers: A?k?m KAPSAL, zge KARA, H?fsiye DEN?ZER, Melike TOK, Diler ?LDEN?Z, Nur ALPTEK?N, Naciye UZUNKAYA, ?irvan AYDI, Emine YCETA?, Seyran ATMACA, lk CURC?O?LU, Doruk HASTUN, Ogn A?AAYAK, a??n ULUTA?, Ergn ARIK, Seha KARAMANO?LU, mer A?LAR, Gkhan ARIKEL, Aziz KARAG?L, Umut ZDALO?LU
Guet Dancers: Co?kun KARADA?, Mustafa ?L

Section 1: A young girl, Princess of the Sacrifice, encounters the dark side of drugs.

Section 2: The young lady feels like reenergized and she want to have fun. But it should be noted that, slaves of drug mongers stalk in the field of teenagers.

Section 3: The Princess of the Sacrifice slowly slips into addiction and becomes the property of drug traffickers and suffers scolds the society.

Section 4: Princess of the Sacrifice is now dependent on drugs. Her contridictious relationship with her boyfriend. Outcry of her mother.

Section 5: The Princess of the Sacrifice is excluded by the crowd and find herself completely alone.

Section 6: Drug traffickers operating methods. Third monkey play of teenagers. Battle between the police and drug traffickers.

Section 7: This section shows audiances how princes of sacrifice and people like her can get rid of dugs and early dies by clinging to their faiths.

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