The Dance of Cyprus

Product Date: 2004

Dance of Cyprus, took the name from this production. Contemporary Folk Dance Association, the first modern work, as has been implemented.

Production consisted two years of work, the working process was very painful. The dancers will take place both in the game, as well as the environmental impact of such a game be made, was that. Scenario of the game, close to the long history of Cyprus was transferred to the stage. So the front as an art director, my, a very big responsibility on me, and was always an element of pressure. Because, at that time and who do not want those who want peace in a divided society was broken. As a director, screenplay, Greek and Turkish Cypriots live in the past, knew that the neutral projection mission. Written from 1955, until those days (2000) happened, collecting 11 chapter was being completed. Such a major music producer in the game (that dialogue on this issue for a long time) agreed with Cemal zgrsel, enter and arranger started to work as a collaboration with Niyazi Nasifoglu. At the same time also began to works dance.In particular, the dancers will take part in the theater will offer the aesthetic dimensions of dance, to develop the technical sense, Mrs. Nataly (Ukraine) and Mrs. Lale (Georgia) group by teacher warming techniques, basic turns, reflecting the figures, the body will be effective with regard to what proportion of the figure studies done in textbook accounts of unification. Importantly, the director wants to reflect the issues, etc., that the statements were understandable. During the research process, beginning with 100-120 people work, amateur dancers to be expected in a short time due to desire to acquire something the group has experienced many changes in personnel. In the meantime, he described the main staff of the different expectations cadro unrest in the group was doing. The main staff of the group, rather than broken, in FamagustaGamze-coached group of Mustafa Erszl in cooperation with the conclusion that we have reached, specify gerklidir. Made a meticulous study of the game for decor and home decor Kyrenia Gate in Nicosia 4-5 m in height and the walls are pictured. I can not remember the name of the image is currently working on this issue and would like to thank the scholars.Promotion of the game, and the banner was photographed in the best way, Archive, Sinevizyon to show, in a separate enriched in Gazi Yuksel work with. Play the game, which was realized in September 2004 for the period of time which is the main goal of the game for the exhibition of Turkey, from Turkey have been invited to the organizers, and the game was showcased. The Dance of Cyprus impressions received great attention from the outset, nearly three-year period were more than 40 performances.The best culture and arts award in 2005, and 2006 Green Olive Tourism awards, was the owner. Contrary to expectations abroad, but the result of great challenges, Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, also show a protocol, Ankara, Kirikkale, and demonstrations organized two festivals in Safranbolu. This has been a big disappointment for me. However, "The Dance of Cyprus" has been a great experience to me and has allowed the opening of horizons.

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